Top 5 places to visit in New York 2018

Top 5 places to visit in New York

It’s one of or maybe the most important city of the world. You’ve seen it several times in your favorite sitcoms or maybe being taken over by some aliens in action movies. New York is an incredible place to visit as it’s filled with a lot of cultural influences from each of the communities that live there. It count with great landmarks, skyscrapers museums, towing service and many more and you can find the best 5 places to go when visiting this incredible city!

  •  The first one is the National September 11 Memorial. This might be quite an emotional visit since the two twin towers of the World Trade Center were once an iconic part of the city’s skyline. This monument is a tribute to those people who died during the bombing of February in 1993 and during the events of the terrorist attack of September 11th of 2001. It consists in a museum that is built between two cascades that stand where the towers once stood and there are bronze panels around the pools with the names of the victims engraved.


  • Next up, there’s a classic landmark that appears in every movie or series that take place in New York, the Empire State Building. This 102-storey skyscraper was once the tallest building in the world. It opened its gates on 1931 and counts with one of the most amazing observatories of the world that’s located in the 86th story and lets you reach great distances (like New Jersey or Massachusetts) on clear days.


  • Moving on, there’s a must go for every tourist and local, the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Known as well as the Met, it holds over two millions of historic and art pieces that summarize up to a five thousand years period of history just in its permanent collections. This is the best place to learn about American decorative arts, Egyptian art, armory, costumes, music instruments and many more. A not that known extension of the Museum is located in Northern Manhattan and it’s called The Met Cloisters.


  • It’s impossible to visit the Great Apple without stepping into its lung. The Central Park holds the scenario with most green that this concrete jungle can offer. It’s a getaway for the locals to be in contact with nature, as it counts with gardens such as the Strawberry Fields, and the well known Central Park Zoo. This is an incredible place to be visited during winter as the Wollman Rink freezes and lets you glide through it.


  • Last, but not least, we’ll find the most loved lady in the city, The Statue of Liberty. It’s one of the largest statues of the world and was given to the US as a gift from the French. It’s a freedom icon and can be really appreciated on a boat trip to Liberty Island where you can to its pedestal or reach the crown if you made reservations with plenty of time.

There’s much more from New York to be seen, don’t miss it!

How to find cheap flights, save money!

cheap flights

When it comes to planning a vacation, there are two big things that fill our minds and bodies with stress and both involve booking: hotels and flights. Nevertheless, booking hotels are like taking a candy from a baby compared with flights. Flight prices behave in a strange way, they are hard to track and someone might end up giving up and booking an expensive ticket or canceling a trip. Luckily, experienced travelers have decoded some great tips to get flights as cheap as possible. Do you want to know how? Read the following tips.

First of all, an odd yet useful tip is about how you search for a flight price on the internet. As you search a route over and over again, cookies are being stored in your browser and make the price increase in order to scare you and book as soon as possible. This behavior can be avoided by searching on incognito or private mode. This feature that most browsers have erases all cookies once the browser is closed, so prices will remain the same on your next visit.

The next and necessary step is getting to know the cheapest date to depart. This goes first by identifying nice flight search engine: the best ones are Cheapoair, and Skyscanner. While browsing on the last mentioned, you first input your departure and arrival cities, select the “one way” option (even if you want a roundtrip) and click depart but instead of choosing an specific date, click “whole month” and then “cheapest month”, last, hit “search flights” and you’ll have a nice calendar where you can compare the price of every flight and pick the cheapest one. The other search engines work on a similar way and those same steps are applicable when it comes to return from your destination.

A great way to save money is by booking connections by yourself and adding a little stop in your trip. This means that if you are pretending to fly from Canada to Australia, you are probably going to stop in the US for a connection. That said, book your flight from Canada to the US, spend a few days there and then depart from the US to Australia without a problem. For this kind of maneuver, we recommend to use that offers a guarantee on making connecting flights that can be with different airlines or AirWander that is specialized on planning stopovers by showing you possible destinations and how much can you save while visiting them.

A last tip: take advantage on some of the errors that airlines can commit. Due to currency conversion mishaps, human errors or technical failures, there are dozens of flights which prices are significantly cheaper. You can search for these incredible prices on AirFare Watchdog and Secret Flying. You might think it’s impossible to fly from Las Vegas to Costa Rica for just 40$.

Don’t let flight prices ruin your plans. There are many ways to get the cheapest ones without effort!

What to pack for cold destinations

What to pack for cold places

Most of people, when it comes to vacations, think about paradise like islands in the Carribean or the Pacific Ocean and it’s pretty easy to pack when traveling to warm destinations, nothing a pair of shorts, swimwear and sunglasses could not resolve. But there are lots of people that can find paradise in white and gray landscapes where snow and cold breezes are part of the routine. Nevertheless, cold weather can be harsh, especially with those who have never experienced such cold temperatures, so every traveler must be prepared for everything. If you’re planning to go to a cold destination, don’t miss this read and learn what to pack.

The main goal of the clothing you pack is to keep you warm at any moment. The first thing one might have in mind when going to a cold destination is packing tons of sweaters and jackets, and that’s a mistake. The best advice you could follow is to dress in layers. Insulating layers are thinner and will occupy less space in your luggage than those bulky jackets. Also, when it comes to fabrics, the best option is wool. Wool has the incredible property of regulating your body temperature no matter the weather, so if it’s mainly cold outside, you’ll feel warm, but if the temperature rises, you will feel fresh, a thing impossible to accomplish with a heavy jacket.

When packing your layers, you need to put particular attention on the base one. Wool and polyester are the best options as they’re thin and insulating. They won’t occupy much space. If you find wool too expensive pack just a few and make the rest be polyester ones. Also, wool is the best option to cover your feet.

Feet are the first body part to feel numb during cold weather, so having three or four pairs of wool socks is a great choice to keep your feet warm and avoid a bulky luggage. Some brands have mastered the craft of making durable yet comfortable wool socks that also dry quickly, a great plus in long trips.

You need to keep your feet warm not just with socks, but with shoes. Boots are the best option and they are going to be your main footwear so you better don’t pack them, wear them instead and save that sacred space. Search for boots with resistant sole that provides you enough traction without compromising comfort.

Most attention is put on coats and jackets when traveling to cold destinations. If you followed our advice on dressing in layers, then you don’t have the need to carry a heavy coat. There are brands specialized in outdoor clothing that can offer you warmth without weight. If you carry one of those coats, wear it, don’t pack it. You can use it as pillow on the plane, train or bus. It’s better to bear a little heat on the way to tour destination than a lot of cold once you arrived.

Cold is really enjoyable if you’re prepared!

Packing tips: How to fit more in your luggage

Travel is one of the most exciting and relaxing pleasures of life, but there are some things that must be done in order to guarantee an awesome trip and minimize unexpected events that can negatively affect your dreamed vacations.


One of the most important things that must be done is packing, sounds simple, but it is not, many times there are a weight limit in airlines, regulations that vary according the country, and there are many items you may want to take with you but all you have is the limited space of a suitcase, the question is how to fit more in less space?.


Some tips to fit more in your luggage


There are some tips you can use to fit more items in your suitcase


  • Roll the clothes, this is a very old and well known trick, many clothes as t-shirts, underwear, leggins, pants made of a soft fabric can be rolled, they occupy less space with this trick.
  • Put things inside your shoes, if you will take shoes in your suitcase, pack them on their sides in order to save space, and fill them with small things, put things like chargers, underwear and other small items inside a plastic bag and then put them inside your shoes.
  • Close and zip your suitcase, then open it again and add more items, by closing it, the content will be compressed and you will find some space for extra stuff.
  • Use travel space bags, this bags help you to save a lot of space.
  • Pack heavier clothes like jeans first and then thinner items, that will make easier to close your suitcase and will protect your delicate and thin clothes.
  • Pack versatile clothes and stick with one color of the palette, be sure that all your clothes will match with each other and that they may be used for several purposes.
  • Leave full makeup and lotion containers at home, fill clean small recipients, like contact cases with the amount of product you will need during your trip, remember, if you will fly, don’t fill the recipients all the way to the top, they may overload during the trip and damage your clothes.
  • Leave belts flat, lay them along the edge of the suitcase.
  • Wear the bulkier items as you travel, so you will leave some space in your suitcase.
  • Keep everything organized, you don’t need to waste time looking for something in an unorganized suitcase.
  • If you want something to read or if you need some documents at your destination, leave physical copies behind, you can store many books in your smart device, and if you need some papers at your destination, take with you a digital copy and print the document when you arrive.
  • Finally, use an expandable suitcase, that will allow you to take more items with you.