What to pack for cold destinations

Most of people, when it comes to vacations, think about paradise like islands in the Carribean or the Pacific Ocean and it’s pretty easy to pack when traveling to warm destinations, nothing a pair of shorts, swimwear and sunglasses could not resolve. But there are lots of people that can find paradise in white and gray landscapes where snow and cold breezes are part of the routine. Nevertheless, cold weather can be harsh, especially with those who have never experienced such cold temperatures, so every traveler must be prepared for everything. If you’re planning to go to a cold destination, don’t miss this read and learn what to pack.

The main goal of the clothing you pack is to keep you warm at any moment. The first thing one might have in mind when going to a cold destination is packing tons of sweaters and jackets, and that’s a mistake. The best advice you could follow is to dress in layers. Insulating layers are thinner and will occupy less space in your luggage than those bulky jackets. Also, when it comes to fabrics, the best option is wool. Wool has the incredible property of regulating your body temperature no matter the weather, so if it’s mainly cold outside, you’ll feel warm, but if the temperature rises, you will feel fresh, a thing impossible to accomplish with a heavy jacket.

When packing your layers, you need to put particular attention on the base one. Wool and polyester are the best options as they’re thin and insulating. They won’t occupy much space. If you find wool too expensive pack just a few and make the rest be polyester ones. Also, wool is the best option to cover your feet.

Feet are the first body part to feel numb during cold weather, so having three or four pairs of wool socks is a great choice to keep your feet warm and avoid a bulky luggage. Some brands have mastered the craft of making durable yet comfortable wool socks that also dry quickly, a great plus in long trips.

You need to keep your feet warm not just with socks, but with shoes. Boots are the best option and they are going to be your main footwear so you better don’t pack them, wear them instead and save that sacred space. Search for boots with resistant sole that provides you enough traction without compromising comfort.

Most attention is put on coats and jackets when traveling to cold destinations. If you followed our advice on dressing in layers, then you don’t have the need to carry a heavy coat. There are brands specialized in outdoor clothing that can offer you warmth without weight. If you carry one of those coats, wear it, don’t pack it. You can use it as pillow on the plane, train or bus. It’s better to bear a little heat on the way to tour destination than a lot of cold once you arrived.

Cold is really enjoyable if you’re prepared!