Top 5 places to visit in New York 2018

It’s one of or maybe the most important city of the world. You’ve seen it several times in your favorite sitcoms or maybe being taken over by some aliens in action movies. New York is an incredible place to visit as it’s filled with a lot of cultural influences from each of the communities that live there. It count with great landmarks, skyscrapers museums, towing service and many more and you can find the best 5 places to go when visiting this incredible city!

  •  The first one is the National September 11 Memorial. This might be quite an emotional visit since the two twin towers of the World Trade Center were once an iconic part of the city’s skyline. This monument is a tribute to those people who died during the bombing of February in 1993 and during the events of the terrorist attack of September 11th of 2001. It consists in a museum that is built between two cascades that stand where the towers once stood and there are bronze panels around the pools with the names of the victims engraved.


  • Next up, there’s a classic landmark that appears in every movie or series that take place in New York, the Empire State Building. This 102-storey skyscraper was once the tallest building in the world. It opened its gates on 1931 and counts with one of the most amazing observatories of the world that’s located in the 86th story and lets you reach great distances (like New Jersey or Massachusetts) on clear days.


  • Moving on, there’s a must go for every tourist and local, the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Known as well as the Met, it holds over two millions of historic and art pieces that summarize up to a five thousand years period of history just in its permanent collections. This is the best place to learn about American decorative arts, Egyptian art, armory, costumes, music instruments and many more. A not that known extension of the Museum is located in Northern Manhattan and it’s called The Met Cloisters.


  • It’s impossible to visit the Great Apple without stepping into its lung. The Central Park holds the scenario with most green that this concrete jungle can offer. It’s a getaway for the locals to be in contact with nature, as it counts with gardens such as the Strawberry Fields, and the well known Central Park Zoo. This is an incredible place to be visited during winter as the Wollman Rink freezes and lets you glide through it.


  • Last, but not least, we’ll find the most loved lady in the city, The Statue of Liberty. It’s one of the largest statues of the world and was given to the US as a gift from the French. It’s a freedom icon and can be really appreciated on a boat trip to Liberty Island where you can to its pedestal or reach the crown if you made reservations with plenty of time.

There’s much more from New York to be seen, don’t miss it!