Packing tips: How to fit more in your luggage

Travel is one of the most exciting and relaxing pleasures of life, but there are some things that must be done in order to guarantee an awesome trip and minimize unexpected events that can negatively affect your dreamed vacations.


One of the most important things that must be done is packing, sounds simple, but it is not, many times there are a weight limit in airlines, regulations that vary according the country, and there are many items you may want to take with you but all you have is the limited space of a suitcase, the question is how to fit more in less space?.


Some tips to fit more in your luggage


There are some tips you can use to fit more items in your suitcase


  • Roll the clothes, this is a very old and well known trick, many clothes as t-shirts, underwear, leggins, pants made of a soft fabric can be rolled, they occupy less space with this trick.
  • Put things inside your shoes, if you will take shoes in your suitcase, pack them on their sides in order to save space, and fill them with small things, put things like chargers, underwear and other small items inside a plastic bag and then put them inside your shoes.
  • Close and zip your suitcase, then open it again and add more items, by closing it, the content will be compressed and you will find some space for extra stuff.
  • Use travel space bags, this bags help you to save a lot of space.
  • Pack heavier clothes like jeans first and then thinner items, that will make easier to close your suitcase and will protect your delicate and thin clothes.
  • Pack versatile clothes and stick with one color of the palette, be sure that all your clothes will match with each other and that they may be used for several purposes.
  • Leave full makeup and lotion containers at home, fill clean small recipients, like contact cases with the amount of product you will need during your trip, remember, if you will fly, don’t fill the recipients all the way to the top, they may overload during the trip and damage your clothes.
  • Leave belts flat, lay them along the edge of the suitcase.
  • Wear the bulkier items as you travel, so you will leave some space in your suitcase.
  • Keep everything organized, you don’t need to waste time looking for something in an unorganized suitcase.
  • If you want something to read or if you need some documents at your destination, leave physical copies behind, you can store many books in your smart device, and if you need some papers at your destination, take with you a digital copy and print the document when you arrive.
  • Finally, use an expandable suitcase, that will allow you to take more items with you.