How to find cheap flights, save money!

When it comes to planning a vacation, there are two big things that fill our minds and bodies with stress and both involve booking: hotels and flights. Nevertheless, booking hotels are like taking a candy from a baby compared with flights. Flight prices behave in a strange way, they are hard to track and someone might end up giving up and booking an expensive ticket or canceling a trip. Luckily, experienced travelers have decoded some great tips to get flights as cheap as possible. Do you want to know how? Read the following tips.

First of all, an odd yet useful tip is about how you search for a flight price on the internet. As you search a route over and over again, cookies are being stored in your browser and make the price increase in order to scare you and book as soon as possible. This behavior can be avoided by searching on incognito or private mode. This feature that most browsers have erases all cookies once the browser is closed, so prices will remain the same on your next visit.

The next and necessary step is getting to know the cheapest date to depart. This goes first by identifying nice flight search engine: the best ones are Cheapoair, and Skyscanner. While browsing on the last mentioned, you first input your departure and arrival cities, select the “one way” option (even if you want a roundtrip) and click depart but instead of choosing an specific date, click “whole month” and then “cheapest month”, last, hit “search flights” and you’ll have a nice calendar where you can compare the price of every flight and pick the cheapest one. The other search engines work on a similar way and those same steps are applicable when it comes to return from your destination.

A great way to save money is by booking connections by yourself and adding a little stop in your trip. This means that if you are pretending to fly from Canada to Australia, you are probably going to stop in the US for a connection. That said, book your flight from Canada to the US, spend a few days there and then depart from the US to Australia without a problem. For this kind of maneuver, we recommend to use that offers a guarantee on making connecting flights that can be with different airlines or AirWander that is specialized on planning stopovers by showing you possible destinations and how much can you save while visiting them.

A last tip: take advantage on some of the errors that airlines can commit. Due to currency conversion mishaps, human errors or technical failures, there are dozens of flights which prices are significantly cheaper. You can search for these incredible prices on AirFare Watchdog and Secret Flying. You might think it’s impossible to fly from Las Vegas to Costa Rica for just 40$.

Don’t let flight prices ruin your plans. There are many ways to get the cheapest ones without effort!